Since 2009, REAL Journey Academies has been providing safe, quality education in the Inland Empire. Our hard work has brought us opportunities to do more. Our strategic plan will guide us into the next stage of growth, define our mission, help us codify our best practices, and put us in a strong position to expand our mission. The Inland Empire is poised to have a strong economic recovery - education is the key to that recovery.
REAL Journey Academies is a network of free K-12 charter schools in the Inland Empire, offering engaging and safe learning environments for students and families.

REAL Journey Academies creates active and involved citizens by focusing on academic achievement, character development, and service to the community. At RJA, administrators, teachers, and parents work as a team to help our students acquire the skills and resources necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.

Our vision is that RJA schools will transform our communities by raising expectations for achievement, offering a high level of opportunity, and educating the next generation of leaders.