What is an Entrepreneur High School? 

EHS is a wall-to-wall entrepreneur high school chartered by San Bernardino City Unified School District and located in a former Kmart building in the city of Highland. EHS teaches students the skills they need to develop and launch businesses, while also preparing them to attend competitive colleges in California and across the nation.


Why should I enroll now? 

When EHS is at capacity, we will have 200 students per grade level.  That’s not a lot of kids for such an innovative program.  And now that school is open and families are taking tours every day, there will be a waiting list very soon.  If you are interested, sign up at BeABossFontana.org, or stop by the school office.


Can I get into college with this school? 

Absolutely.  eHigh students are engaged in 2 curricula, entrepreneurship, and college prep.  All of our students will graduate with the skills to launch a business, and the transcript to compete for spots at top colleges. We have an on-campus college center that provides college admissions information, application assistance, college field trips and helps students navigate the college process.


Do you have sports? 

Yes. eHigh currently has these clubs and team sports available for students:

  • We will be adding more team sports next year, including Cross Country.
  • eHigh Ambassador's 


Do you have dances and proms? 

Yes! Besides all of the new features of this cutting-edge school, we also have all of the events and activities that traditional high schools have.


Do you have AP courses? 

We offer both Honors and Dual Enrollment College Courses for Juniors and Seniors. Students will get High School Honors College credits.


Are the teachers credentialed? 

Yes.  As a public school in California, we adhere to the same requirements that all other schools in the district follow.


Do you have computers and lab access? 

Yes. We have 1 to 1 computing at our school, which means every student has access to computers and/or tablets every day, all day.


What kind of extracurricular activities do you have? 

We offer a number of clubs and sports for our students -  ASB, Dance, Drama, E-sports, Basketball, Wrestling and much more!  And of course, we will continue to add to the list based on student interests.


Do you have a free and reduced food program? 

Yes. We do have a free and reduced lunch program. All Families may apply for the free and reduced lunch program


Do have a dress code? 

Yes. Students can wear EHS-branded clothing, professional attire, or casual dress on particular days.


Are you WASC accredited? 

Soon! We will do our initial WASC visit in the spring of 2022 and are hopeful to be WASC accredited by the fall of 2023.  All new schools must go through the same process.  In addition, all of the other existing schools in our organization are currently WASC accredited.


What is your facility like? 

Our temporary facility is loaded with high-tech and college-based furniture.  Because we want students to think differently, we needed our building to look different.  Our future site will be available for us to occupy in Fall 2023. CLICK HERE to see a fly-through of our future site plans.


Do you have security?

Yes. We currently have several layers of security that protect our students and staff. Our future site will have even more state-of-the-art security including wrought iron fencing around the entire campus, security cameras, and full-time security guards, and key-card entry for all classrooms.


Each classroom is only accessible with a keycard, there will be around-the-clock security staff in the hallways and parking lot areas, and security cameras in the hallways.


Do you work with the District?

Yes. However, are chartered through the San Bernardino County Office of Ed. This means the SB County school board approved our charter to operate as a public high school in the city of Fontana.  Additionally, we have a great working relationship with the local Fontana school district.