Through every eHigh course and activity, our unique Entrepreneur Skills are infused to ensure our students are college and career ready.  Our model prepares students for success by focusing on the skills that are in short supply in both higher education and industry.
Analyze Experimenting
Analyzing Text & Data Experimenting
The ability to analyze text and data to extract information and build understanding. The process of testing and evaluating progress, and changing based on results.
idea interviewing
Ideating Interviewing
The ability to generate ideas to innovate and solve problems. The act of gathering information, thoughts, and opinions through questioning and listening to others.
pitching proto
Pitching Prototyping
The act of persuasively presenting an idea. The act of creating an initial version of a product or service to gather data and feedback.
feeedback reflecting
Providing Feedback Reflecting
The process of evaluating products and processes and providing constructive information as a basis for improvement. The process of thinking deeply about past action and performance.
feeedback visual
Storytelling Thinking Visually
The art of describing ideas, processes, and information in a narrative form.  The ability to use visual and graphic representations to motivate and demonstrate thinking.
Working Writing
Working in Teams Writing
The act of working collaboratively with others toward a collective outcome. The ability to organize ideas, data and information in written form.